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ジャニーズのJ-Rock Family


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ジャニーズのJ-Rock Family
I'm seriously wondering what I was thinking when I started to make this everyday a post thing.
I know I must be boring, because I start every post the same way.
"Boo I have no idea what to write about".

It's not different today. However I will make one more post later today, but I'm sure what I will write about in it.

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剛 w/ 袴
Only 3 post. And I have to post them on the same day. Jokes on me.

I wonder would I wrote something different If I would put some thoughts into my posts.

I didn't made any post about Kinki Kids and News because I wrote about them on my journal. I should really write about something now.

I'm not sure what should I write about. I only slept 2 hours. Somehow I can't sleep when there is a tornado outside...

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剛 笑
One more post (at least) since I should finish this whole 30 day thing tomorrow. And I will.

I am really picky when it's about fanmade stuff. Like on youtube, I don't "like" anything. And there is only a few things what I put in my favourites.

So let me show you my 10 favourite video on youtube.

I registered  on youtube in 2006. After two years somehow it got hacked, then somehow my second one were deleted. I have no idea how. So these videos are mainly from the last year.

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ジャニーズのJ-Rock Family
Random 25 facts about me!
Again, there is no meaning, I just felt like I should write down something.
These are the first things what came to my mind. (ofc there were a bunch of other things but I already wrote them down in some posts. These are more likely were unknown.)

some are like I took them from kindergarten, some are simply weird.Collapse )

Who doesn't like top 5 lists?
Everyone loves top 5 lists...
well I hope. : / But if you don't I'm sorry this is the only thing I'm capable right now.

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光ー w/ 仮面
Here I am again. Without an idea of a post closer and closer to midnight.

I don't understand myself. I thought that I could write a post everyday for 30 days. But somehow I don't have any idea, and I just getting later and later.

So here it is a post what doesn't make any sense, I just try to catch myself.

Let's talk about people. Not the feminist, LGBTQ alliance, race, or the Lady Gaga way.
Because however I am all for Equality all the way, and say that every person is beautiful in their way, I  still pretty hateful.
I know it's bad, and it's not like I hate someone right now. It's just. I can easily start to hate people, they annoy me easily. I know it's bad, and I really hate hating people. But somehow I can't help myself, however I never tell anybody if I hate someone. I ashamed of hating. It's not about being sunshine and lollipops, it's just a lot better for yourself if you don't hate someone.

And also the perfect man himself said:
"You're so much happier if you love people instead of hate them." - Hiroyuki Takei (the mangaka of Shaman King)

also I forget to include a band in my music history. Which is incredible because I even made english homework about them. So let's link a song from them which is exactly the opposite of this post.


かわいい キッズ ~~~
Why I'm not able to make a post?
I wish I could understand. There are so many thing I would like to write down (lie), but somehow I can't...

I have no idea what kind of post should I make.

Hm let's make a "10 things you should do when you're in Japan" post.

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Yeah I still try to catch myself. And I still can't.

I know time is runnung just like my posts.
I have no idea what to write about.

Hmm I want to write about something what is really me. What keeps my life together.
Why don't we talk about some serious stuff... like Religion. lol

I'm an excellent lutheran exept I'm not...Collapse )

こつ ~ キッス
yeah I'm still late, but maybe today I will make a post for not yesterday also. XD

In my latest post I wrote about my favourite series (the reason why I didn't write about my favourite doramas is that I dedicated a post to them in a meme). I wrote about how much I hate Glee and still obsessed with it. Well now I will tell a long long story (gosh don't worry it's only sarcasm) about why I still watch it.

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